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Elizabeth Acevedo

With the Fire on High

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2019

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Part 2, Chapters 42-68

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 2: “The Savory”

Part 2, Chapters 42-68 Summary

After the incident with Chef Ayden, Emoni decides to skip the next two culinary arts classes. When working at the Burger Joint, she is confronted by Malachi and Leslie, seemingly on a date together.

’Buela suggests to Emoni that she should call her father and not be so hard on him. Emoni rings Angelica instead and talks about plans for the anniversary meal she will cook for her and Laura. In “Sisterhood,” Emoni reflects on how her friendship with Angelica was strengthened by mutual adversity. When she became pregnant and Angelica came out as a lesbian, both had to deal with “snide comments” at school, but they supported one another.

Malachi calls Emoni, and she asks him about his relationship with Leslie. He says they are just friends and asks if he can help her prepare the anniversary meal for Angelica. Malachi visits Emoni and ’Buela’s house to help cook the anniversary meal, which is macaroni and cheese. He reveals that the reason he changed schools is because his younger brother was killed in a gang dispute in his old neighborhood.

Emoni and Malachi take the food to Angelica’s house and help her prepare for Laura’s arrival. Angelica reveals to Emoni that she is nervous because she and Laura are planning to have sex for the first time that evening.