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Elizabeth Acevedo

With the Fire on High

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2019

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Important Quotes

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“Says a memory of Puerto Rico she hadn’t thought about in years reached out like an island hammock and cradled her close.” 

(Part 1, Page 16)

In “Magic,” ’Buela, Emoni’s grandmother, says this about the first meal Emoni made for her. The comment describes two related effects of Emoni’s cooking. First, it inspires memories in people, and second, it makes them feel cared about.

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“You’re the Author of Your Own Life Story.” 

(Part 1, Page 18)

In “The Authors,” this is what the sign says above the advisory class door. On one level, it merely expresses a generic and clichéd sentiment about making decisions. It can also be read, however, in the context of the novel, as suggesting that individuals can or should take control and ownership over their own lives.

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“Even still, during my pregnancy and after Emma was born, we played at being together.” 

(Part 1, Page 50)

In “Lovers & Friends,” Emoni says this about her relationship with Tyrone after she found out she was pregnant. Neither of them wanted to be with the other. However, they felt social pressure to act as if they did.