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Zadie Smith

The Fraud

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2023

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Parts 5-6

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 5: “Volume 5”

Part 5, Chapter 1 Summary: “London Daily News, Friday 10th November 1871”

It’s the Tichborne Claimant case in 1871. The London Daily News reports on Mr. Bogle’s questioning. Mr. Bogle met Sir Edward Tichborne, Sir Roger’s uncle, when he was a child in Jamaica. He had worked for the Tichborne family for his entire life, and they even brought him back to England with them. Lady Doughty initially paid an annuity to Mr. Bogle when he moved to Australia, but she no longer does.

Part 5, Chapter 2 Summary: “Walking to Willesden”

Eliza goes for a walk to a neighborhood called Willesden, which she remembers fondly. She goes to a church and lights a candle for her departed loved ones. She lights two candles for both of Mr. Bogle’s deceased wives. She realizes that the anniversary of Frances’s death is coming up, and that Frances has been dead longer than she was alive.

Part 5, Chapter 3 Summary: “Jack Sheppard, 1838”

In a flashback from 1838, Frances moves back in with her father and her family accuses William of marital neglect. William’s money from a successful novel is all spent, and his newest novel doesn’t recoup its publishing costs. Amid this financial and professional conflict, Frances dies. Eliza and William are not invited to her funeral. William deals with his grief by starting a new novel, Jack Sheppard.