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Ashley Flowers

All Good People Here

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2022

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Chapter 29-Epilogue

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 29 Summary: “Margot, 2019”

Margot’s kidnapper begins to drive off. They elbow Margot in the face as Margot tries to reach their face with her hands, but this turns out to be an accident, and her kidnapper, a woman, apologizes for hitting her. Margot catches a glimpse of the person’s profile and sees that it is the same woman that has been following her around town. The woman tells Margot that she will explain everything in a moment.

The kidnapper drives to a secluded cornfield and stops the car, unlocking the doors to show Margot that she is not trapped. Margot asks the woman why she kidnapped her if she only wants to talk, and the woman apologizes, admitting that she wants to help Margot with her story, but that Margot is not safe in Wakarusa. Margot demands that the woman share her identity and the woman reveals that she is Jodie Palmer. Jodie says that she will tell Margot everything, but that it must be off the record. She then reveals that she and Krissy were in a romantic relationship, and that Krissy did not kill January.

Jodie explains that she couldn’t approach Margot initially because she needed to make sure Margot was not already convinced that Krissy had killed January.